The brother-sister duo, Ajaypal Singh Brar and Navjot Kaur jee deserve pat on the back for writing such a wonderful book. Their hardwork and dedication is amply visible. The format of the book is too unique. I knew Ajay had keen interest in history but he is a historian himself came as a big surprise to me. The indepth study of history has left me spell bound. Vivid account of valiant struggle by the Sikhs and how they achieved their ultimate goal after 100 years. The way the old history has been related with recent events is unique and make the book interesting. Within 100 years of Muhammad’ birth, the Arabs were the masters of 3 continents. But they were ever fighting tribals and were attracted towards the movement due to the greed of loot and plunder and the attractive after-life promised but the Sikhs were fighting to overthrow the oppressive 700 year old foreign rule. They were not motivated by any greed, here or hereafter. The book proved that the Indians won when they became united. Both, The Sikhs and the Marathas were confedrations. They had people from all classes and castes but here too, the Marathas were fighting in Hindu majority regions, the Sikhs were fighting the Muslim majority region and right under the nose of Abdali. I am thankful to Brar saheb for sending me this wonderful book. I am sure their pen is not going to stop and we are waiting for the next book.

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