A wonderful work with catchy titles and slogans that create new thought process in Minds. In era of Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) when society is becoming one dimensional network society (Castells), authors Ajaypal Singh Brar and Navjot Kaur took a challenge to learn History through Dialogues. While a new culture is formed by networks as per Castells information trilogy, paradigm of historical events became an epitome of thought.
The most important context of History of Punjab and especially Sikh history, emergence of ‘Sikh Confederacy’ as Sikh Sovereign states; MISLS as independent states challenging the centuries old Brahmin and Mughal supremacy. A wonderful book that throw light on Sikh pride of year 1707 onwards- a well document historical records, excellent dialogues and visions of three generations- a Dada- Pota (ਦਾਦਾ-ਪੌਤਾ) chemistry with cultural backdrop reflects the pride in the minds of every Panjabi.

Ahmed Shah Abdali- Durani King who captured once half Asia and whose terror is still in minds of dominate Indian masses; defeat of Marathas, caused the rise of British Empire in India. ‘Taimur’ son of Abdali- whose name still has widespread fear in mainstream Indian media; whose authority was challenged, questioned by the rise of SIKHS Misls and Sardars through their “Guerrilla” war strategies.

The authors have focussed on a less addressed chapter of north western history of Punjab; how the rise of modern Afghanistan was challenged by Sikhs. The book entitles boldly, “In 1748, when Sikhs attack Nurpur, their first Step towards establishing the Khalsa Rule in Punjab.” An amazing work of authors where the titles create deep impact on readers- “Blood has to spilled Own as well as enemy’s to forge national Identities, Hoyi Ekta Milo Mere Bhai, Khaada Pita Laahe da…”. It’s a coffee table book that needs to keep within families and discus various tabulate facts, it’s a versatile work that create framework of further readings and studies. The author has very smartly added the current socio-political happening in Punjab, how Sikhs were successful in history despite being small in number against the great Mughal powers, how DAL KHALSA becomes the crucial factors to rise of Sikh Power that ultimately lead to establishment of Sikh Raj.

It’s a work that need to discussed and debated especially for the younger generations.

A must Read BOOK.

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